Remove barriers to regular giving.


Enable supporters to raise funds by donating their opinions to market research.

Opinion donation is a completely new way to raise funds, increase website traffic and generate insights.

Include opinion donation as part of your fundraising mix.

Promote your panel as a new way to raise funds, encourage regular giving and re-engage lapsed supporters.

List your cause in our fundraising directory.

List your cause and then allow us to invite the public to raise funds and to engage with your cause on a regular basis.

Build an online survey fundraising panel. Generate revenue from supporters simply donating their opinions to market research.

Remove barriers to giving.

We enable your supporters to raise funds without regard for the usual financial, cultural or physical barriers by opting-in to participate anonymously in third-party market research surveys in a secure environment, at a time and place that is convenient to them.

We do the legwork.

We provide the resources to build a branded panel from your existing audience. We monetize it through the insatiable demand for consumer opinions from the global market research industry.We do all the hard work, you simply invite your audience to participate.

There are no costs.

There are no set-up costs, no recurring fees and the platform requires no ongoing administration to generate an endless stream of ongoing revenue. All it takes is a link from your website to a dedicated Good Crowd landing page which we build for you at no cost. As soon as you have one supporter registered we start generating revenue.

You are in control.

You own the panel and remain in control of branding, messaging, survey frequency, survey topics and survey length. Participants can opt-out at any time, and you can remove your panel at anytime with no penalty.

Totally secure.

We guarantee your panel will only ever be engaged in legitimate market research. We protect users data by ensuring they participate anonymously in a closed-loop environment. We comply with GDPR, Australian Privacy Principles and the Market Research Code of Practice.

Revenue, traffic, insights.

Generate monthly revenue based on panel activity. Generate indirect revenue and increased engagement through increased website traffic. Benefit from internal research capabilities, recruitment tracking, panelist profiling data, panel activity reports, supporter re-engagement opportunities, partner co-branding capabilities, and much more.


Promoting your own panel to 10,000 supporters could generate over $10,000 of fundraising revenue, initiate 10,000 unique website visits and provide you with 20,000 pieces of profiling data per year.


Projections based on a high level of brand affinity plus organic growth and referrals over 12 months. Panelists averaged 6 surveys per year in 2018 and the average survey length was 12 minutes.

No costs. No administration. Get setup in minutes.

We build you a branded panelist registration page

Upload your logo, an image that reflects your cause, specify preferred messaging and tell us where you want us to direct panel members on completing of a survey activity. Upload it yourself or let one of our consultants take care of it for you.

You select survey frequency and exclude unwanted topics

Select frequency of survey activity, maximum survey length and exclude survey topics that may not resonate with your cause and specify maximum survey length.

You link to your website and promote to your audience*

Add a ‘Donate Opinions’ button to your fundraising website and actively promote to your audience by email, social media, etc.

*Optional, but we active partners generate significantly more revenue by incorporating The Good Crowd into their overall fundraising strategy!

We deliver surveys to members, land them on your website, and pay you revenue!

We match members with online research activities and send an invitation by email. On completion we thank members for their time and redirect them to your website to engage with your cause. We pay revenue for every minute of survey activity.



Personalise Your Landing Page

Upload your logo, specify preferred messaging and link it back to your own website. Further customisation and white labelling are available on request

Select Security Settings

Select frequency of interaction, restricted topics, your preferred communication channel and maximum activity length.

Share The Love

Share your personalised Good Crowd landing page via email with your chosen audience, promote it via social media and/or link it to your website as simply another donation option. Supporters who find the offer enticing simply opt in.

Then It’s Over To Us

Once members opt-in we match them with online research activities from our partners, sending them an invitation via email or smartphone notification. On completion of the activity we thank them and redirect them to your website or active campaign. We pay you revenue for every minute of survey activity. 

Benefit from sustainable revenue, increased website traffic and new audience insights.

Direct, ongoing revenue

We generate revenue for every minute of survey activity by your supporters, in a secure, opt-in environment. We pay revenue to Panel Owners on a monthly basis, year-on-year.

Increased website traffic

We invite panel members to a survey activity, then push them to your website where they can engage with your cause or ongoing campaign.

Member profiling data

We collect and update profiling data every time members take a survey. We can give you access to this data and help you understand your audience.

Everyone’s voice is important

We enable everyone to raise funds irrespective of the usual financial, physical, social and geographic barriers. At home, or on-the-go.

Internal research capabilities

We enable you use your panel for internal research. Because they are engaged panel members, they are ready and waiting to respond.

We do all the work!

We build the panel interface to your specifications, drive surveys and process the payment of revenue. Your job is simply to promote the opportunity and encourage your supporters to join.

Suitable for any not-for-profit with an engaged audience who want to do more good.

CHARITIES & not for profits

Not everyone is able to volunteer large chunks of time or donate money, but they still want to help. The Good Crowd provides the solution. We enable you to mobilise both active and inactive members, engaging them at a time and place that is convenient.

LOCAL CLUBS & societies

Rather than organising a raffle or selling chocolates, The Good Crowd allows clubs to raise funds year-on-year with minimal administration. Club members also have their own passionate network (family, friends, social media followers) who can get involved. 

community based INSTITUTIONS

From schools to aged care centres, The Good Crowd offers an easy yet sophisticated fundraising solution that enables members and their support network to raise funds for one-off campaigns or repeat expenses.


Commercial clubs and sporting organisations can benefit from our member rewards solution where you reward members with credits merchandise. You can also leverage your panel for its powerful insight capabilities, an added benefit for corporate sponsors.

It works because we enable everyone to support your cause, anytime, anywhere with no barriers.

Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

It works because we enable absolutely everyone to raise funds and engage with your cause irrespective of cultural, financial, geographical or physical barriers.

Not everyone has money to donate or a network of friends, but we are pretty sure everyone has a few spare minutes on the commute to work, over a cup of tea, watching TV, or sitting in a waiting room.


Join our existing partners and remove the barriers to regular giving today.

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