The Good Crowd

We generate revenue for not-for-profits by engaging supporters in paid online market research activities.

Three ways to generate revenue and increase engagement…

Register your cause on our fundraising website.

Enable supporters outside your existing audience to raise funds and engage with your cause.

Add ‘Donate Opinions’ to your fundraising page.

Offer supporters a new way to raise funds when they visit your fundraising page.

Build and promote your own Good Crowd panel.

Offer supporters a new way to raise funds and promote it as part of your fundraising strategy.

What We Do

We leverage demand from the $50 billion insights industry, the global adoption of technology and the passion of your crowd.

We combine these forces with our technology, enabling your supporters to raise funds by giving their opinion, in a secure environment, for carefully selected third party market research agencies, at a time and place that is convenient to them.

We manage the entire process and pay you revenue every time a member takes a survey. You are in full control of frequency, messaging and survey topics. We simply deliver ongoing revenue, valuable profiling data, increased website traffic and a host of other benefits.

There are no setup costs, no ongoing costs, and it requires no administration from your team.

No set-up or ongoing costs, no ongoing administration.

To start generating new revenue today, we set you up with a personalised panel landing page which you embed as a new fundraising option on your website. From here you promote the opportunity as little or as much as you want and as soon as you have one member we start generating revenue.

Online market research is now the go-to methodology.

Over 30% of global market research is carried out through online market research. The rise of online as a legitimate research methodology is a result of economic forces, efficiencies in digital data collection, but also by the decrease in the number of landline telephones in many demographics.

Over the past ten years online market research has been embraced and trusted as a legitimate methodology by global research agencies, including IPSOS, GfK, Roy Morgan and many others. It is now the go-to methodology, but it is held back by availability of respondents.

The Good Crowd allows you to get in on the act.

Traditionally online market research has relied on commercially owned panels of consumers willing to take surveys in exchange for a reward (e.g. cash, gift cards and prize draws) which has limited the pool and threatens the legitimacy of findings. The Good Crowd is disrupting this value proposition through the notion of 'doing good' and giving not-for-profits the opportunity to own their own panels and generate much needed revenue.

The ability to build and operate an online research panel has existed for a number of years, but the complex nature of panel participation and cost of the infrastructure to make a sufficient number of surveys available, send targeted surveys, monitor participation, and reward participation has been beyond the reach of many. Until now.

Leverage the opportunity quickly and easily.

With fifteen years of online market research and digital experience behind us, the team at The Good Crowd has developed an off-the-shelf solution that now allows any organisation to build and own an online market research panel, and engagement solution that facilitates and embraces the idea of doing good by giving an opinion.

We provide templates to build a tailored landing page, a portal to specify security settings and a marketing toolkit to help promote the opportunity among your crowd. We drive traffic from select insight buyers, take care in thanking members, take care of administration and deliver a new source of ongoing revenue.

Three easy ways to get involved

  1. Register your cause on our fundraising website and let us drive new revenue. We do all the work.
  2. Add Donate Opinions as a new option on your fundraising website and let existing traffic organically choose it as another way to raise funds. Work with us to specify your panel landing page, add Donate Opinions to your website, then we sit back and wait.
  3. Work with us to specify your panel landing page, add Donate Opinions to your website, then actively promote your panel to your audience by email, social media, or partnerships.

How it works

Build your landing page

Upload your logo, an image that reflects your cause and specify preferred messaging. Build your landing page self-service or talk to a consultant.

Select security settings

Select frequency of activity, exclude survey topics and specify maximum survey length.

Promote the opportunity

Add 'Donate Opinions' as a new option on your fundraising website, then actively promote it. Use our messaging to invite participation by emails, social media, or though other means.

We do the heavy lifting

We match members with online research activities and send an invitation by email. On completion we thank members for their time and redirect them to your website to engage with your cause. We pay revenue for every minute of survey activity.

Personalise Your Landing Page

Upload your logo, specify preferred messaging and link it back to your own website. Further customisation and white labelling are available on request

Select Security Settings

Select frequency of interaction, restricted topics, your preferred communication channel and maximum activity length.

Share The Love

Share your personalised Good Crowd landing page via email with your chosen audience, promote it via social media and/or link it to your website as simply another donation option. Supporters who find the offer enticing simply opt in.

Then It's Over To Us

Once members opt-in we match them with online research activities from our partners, sending them an invitation via email or smartphone notification. On completion of the activity we thank them and redirect them to your website or active campaign. We pay you revenue for every minute of survey activity. 



We pay you for every minute of survey activity by your members. We pay monthly, year-on-year. Best of all, we do all the work.


We collect and update profiling data every time your members engage. You have full access to extract this data and add it to your own CRM.


We invite members to engage, then push them to your website where they can engage with your cause or an ongoing campaign.


We enable everyone to raise funds irrespective of the usual financial, physical, social and geographic barriers. At home, or on-the-go.


We enable you use your panel for internal research. Because they are engaged panel members, they are ready and waiting to respond.


Who it's for

Suitable for any organisation with engaged members, looking to raise funds.

CHARITIES & not for profits

Not everyone is able to volunteer large chunks of time or donate money, but they still want to help. The Good Crowd provides the solution. We enable you to mobilise both active and inactive members, engaging them at a time and place that is convenient.

LOCAL CLUBS & societies

Rather than organising a raffle or selling chocolates, The Good Crowd allows clubs to raise funds year-on-year with minimal administration. Club members also have their own passionate network (family, friends, social media followers) who can get involved. 

community based INSTITUTIONS

From schools to aged care centres, The Good Crowd offers an easy yet sophisticated fundraising solution that enables members and their support network to raise funds for one-off campaigns or repeat expenses.


Commercial clubs and sporting organisations can benefit from our member rewards solution where you reward members with credits merchandise. You can also leverage your panel for its powerful insight capabilities, an added benefit for corporate sponsors.

Why it works

Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

It works because we enable absolutely everyone to raise funds and engage with your cause irrespective of cultural, financial, geographical or physical barriers.

Not everyone has money to donate or a network of friends, but we are pretty sure everyone has a few spare minutes on the commute to work, over a cup of tea, watching TV, or sitting in a waiting room.

We know everyone has an opinion!


Join The Good Crowd!