We enable your supporters to do more good.

We are passionate.

We are passionate about the prospect of diverting millions of dollars from commercial organisations currently benefiting from the demand for opinions from the market research industry, to the charity and not-for-profit industry.

We are passionate about giving everyone a voice irrespective of financial, cultural or physical barriers.

We are passionate about the importance data to the future growth of the fundraising industry.

Industry membership.

Australian Market and Social Research Society
2006 – Present

Fundraising Institute of Australia
2010 – 2011, 2018 – Present


Our mission is to enable everyone to do more good.

We are doing this by inviting everyday people to donate a few minutes of their day to support their chosen cause from the comfort of home or on-the-go. Many of us want to do more good, we just don’t know how to fit it into our busy lives. Until now.


Our vision is for a world where everyone can support their cause irrespective of physical, cultural and financial barriers.

We are working towards this by helping not-for-profits leverage the demand for online market research respondents and the passion of their crowd.


The global market research industry is worth $50 billion.

Everyone has a mobile phone or connected device.

There are billions of people looking to do more good.


We are looking for long term sustainable partnerships.

Strong relationships ensure all parties understand commercial and personal drivers, improves communication and delivers long term growth.


We apply innovation to deliver world class products and service.

Innovation not for innovations sake, but to ensure all parties move with the times and capitalize on new opportunities.


We believe in transparency in all aspects of our relationship.

Transparency builds trust and understanding between parties, and is particularly crucial in the not-for-profit industry.

Tom Mitchell-Taverner

Founder & CEO

I started The Good Crowd based on an intimate knowledge of the market research industry, a passion for innovation, a decade of senior management in the technology sector and an idea which I hope will change the world – leverage demand for opinions from the research industry to support the not-for-profit industry.

Outside fundraising I have an interest in archaeology, a passion for native bush foods, a dream that Australia will come to terms with and celebrate its first nations history and a love of felt-tipped pens on tracing paper (I used to be an Architect). I spend hours talking to my girls about the wonders of the world (as well as its injustices) and tell them everyday that anything is possible.

I am a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD), member Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and an member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA).

Camellia Elerman

Manager of Crowd Delight

Camellia is a passionate advocate of customer experience, user experience and digital marketing. At The Good Crowd she is responsible for ensuring all members of our crowd (partners and supporters alike) experience world class service and user experience.

Camellia loves connecting people and is a volunteer at Eastside FM.

Nick Hagland

Manager of Crowd Recruitment

Nick is a passionate sales professional who likes to bring people on a journey of discovery.His role at The Good Crowd is to introduce the platform and encourage the right organisations to join our crowd.

Nick was raised in Sweden and is passionate about supporting homeless people in the local community.