Panel Ownership offers a lot more than just direct revenue.

Benefits and features

  • Costs

  • Free registration
    Registration for Panel Owners and Directory Members is free until July 2020.
  • Free hosting
    Ongoing account hosting and panel management is free for Panel Owners and Directory Members who join before July 2020.

  • Benefits

  • Direct revenue
    Historical data shows that an active panelist will generate over $20 per year, and over 10% of your supporters are likely to join. For currencies other than AUD contact
    Revenue shown in AUD. For other currencies contact
  • Payment frequency
    Panel Owners recieve payment based on revenue generated, a detailed panelist activity statement is available on request. Directory Members recieve an online donation equal to revenue generated, a copy of the donation recipt and panelists activity statement is available on request.
  • Profiling Data
    Access aggregate profiling data of your panel (age, gender, income, children, etc.).
  • Panelist activity data
    View activity of your panel members, including number of surveys taken and revenue generated.
  • Recruitment tracking
    View which recruitment source is producing the greatest benefit. e.g. View the demographics of a Facebook campaign vs an Email campaignn and monitor revenue by source over time.
  • Marketing toolkit
    Our tookit helps you formulate content when promoting your panel.
  • Survey management dashboard
    Conduct your own internal market research at minimal cost (does not include a survey scripting tool).
  • Multiple branded panels
    Create multipile branded panels e.g. Set up a co-branded panel with a strategic partner and to recruit members to your panel.
  • Website redirect traffic
    At the end of every survey activity we re-direct members to a website location of your choice (e.g. Donate or news page).
  • Panelist messaging
    Tailor the messaging we use on panelist communication.
  • Tailored profiling questions
    Add your own profiling questions to our platform and organically collect responses from your members.
  • Services directory
    We understand what it is like to run a small charity alongside another job, or to run another business to fund your philanthropic activities. We offer founders working in small charities to list their commercial businss in our services directory.

  • Your obligations

  • Website link
    Add the panel opportunity as an option on your website (e.g. As a 'Donate Opinions' button) offering a unique way for new and existing supporters to engage with your cause.
  • Annual promotion
    Encourage participation by inviting your existing and/or inactive supporters to join once a year (or more). We provide help with messaging in our marketing toolkit.

  • Directory Listing

  • $0.15
    Per minute
  • Annual Donation
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  • Panel Owner

  • $0.15
    Per minute
  • Monthly Payment