Market Research & Online Surveys

Market Research helps brands, universities, and government agencies provide better products and services. Participating in market research helps to shape society.

Market research is at the core of or platform. The responses your members provide while taking online surveys is what our research clients pay for, it is the source of revenue for your cause.

Market research

Market research is about listening and understanding people’s views and interpreting this information to guide brands, organisations or governments when making decisions. From the everyday products you use, the films you watch in the cinema, the food you eat, to governmental policies and humanitarian causes. Insights from market research enables people all over the world to understand and interpret the increasingly complex world we live in.


Online surveys

Over 30% of global market research is carried out through online market research. The rise of online as a legitimate research methodology is a result of economic forces, efficiencies in digital data collection, but also by the decrease in the number of landline telephones in many demographics.

Over the past ten years online market research has been embraced and trusted as a legitimate methodology by global research agencies, including IPSOS, GfK, Roy Morgan and many others. It is now the go-to methodology, but it is held back by availability of respondents

Duty of care

Market researchers professionals have a duty of care to:

  • Ensure that data subjects are not harmed as a direct result of their personal data being used for research.
  • Exercise special care when the nature of the research is sensitive or the circumstances under which the data was collected might cause a data subject to become upset or disturbed.
  • Remain mindful that research relies on public confidence in the integrity of research and the confidential treatment of the information provided for its success, and therefore must remain diligent in maintaining the distinction between research and non-research activities.
  • Ensure that if they engage in non-research activities (such as sales, marketing and promotional activities) they must clearly distinguish and separate those activities from research.


Our commitment to a anonymity

Personal information proved to us by your supporters is used to target appropriate surveys and manage the platform, we do not share  personal data with third parties.

We do not share personal data with our survey partners, responses to surveys are de-identified and the identity of the panel member is masked at all times.

Some surveys may ask members to opt-in to provide personal data to help with analysis or to enable them take part in further research exercises. it is always their choice to provide this personal information.

Your commitment

Our research clients rely on your survey responses to make significant business decisions and improve services that may effect you on a day to day basis. We therefore as ask you to answer truthfully and to the best of your ability. Our clients have a right to reject survey responses that appear inconsistent – we would hate for you to invest time in answering a survey only for us to be unable to deliver revenue to your chosen cause!



ESOMAR is the global organisation for market, opinion and social research and data analytics.


CASRO is the national association representing the U.S. research industry and organizations engaged in the conduct, support, or education of market, opinion and social research.


Australian Market & Social Research Organisation is the peak body for market and social research in Australia.


Australian Market & Social Research Society is a membership body of market and social research professionals dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research.

AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour